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Getting Started


          Getting Started


          CLIA Waiver Application

          CLIA Waiver Application - WHERE TO SEND


          HIV Criminal Laws by State

          HIV Consent, Counseling Laws by State


          Insti Quality Assurance Guidelines





                Insti CONTROL Result Log


          Insti TEST Result Log


          Insti STORAGE Temperature Log


          Insti CONTROL STORAGE Temperature Log




          Bubble Sheet (HIV Test Report) Request Form


          Bubble Sheet GUIDE


          Insti Test Kit REQUEST FORM


          Insti Supplies & Equipment Needed



Referring / Linking HIV+ Clients to Care


          Public Health District HIV Coordinators


          Ryan White Clinic List


          Ryan White Required Document Checklist





          4 HIV Test Report Forms - An Overview


             FIELD REPORT Form - Due Quarterly


          Case Report Form - for HIV+ Clients


          Case Report Form EXPLANATION


          Confidential HIV+ Client Served Form



Quality Assurance REVIEW


          Insti Training Knowledge Assessment


          Insti Proficiency Panel



Hepatitis C



Launching Rapid HCV Testing


         Getting Started


         Getting a CLIA Waiver for rapid HCV testing

         CLIA Waiver APPLICATION


         Quality Assurance Guidelines and Forms


         Quality Assurance Forms - Customized


               HCV Control Log


               HCV Control Storage Temperature Log


               HCV Test Kit Storage Temperature Log


               HCV Rapid Test Result Log


               HCV Serum-based Test Result Log



Supplies, Lab Instructions


         Lab Supplies & Equipment Needed      


         OraQuick Request Form


         Instructions for Processing OraQuick HCV Labs





         Monthly Recap


         Quarterly Report Quick Tips


         Quarterly Report FORM


         SendSS - How to



Testing & Linkage Forms


         Consent Form


         360 Release Form


         Hep Talk - HCV Education


         Risk Assesment Form - 2018


         Staying in Touch Form


Quality Assurance REVIEW

          Rapid HCV Test Customer Letter


          Rapid HCV Test OPEN BOOK TEST


          Rapid HCV Test PROFICIENCY PANEL