...to the HIV Early Intervention Services website, created for the HIV EIS counselors of Georgia, part of a statewide system of HIV prevention, counseling and testing, and care.



National HIV Testing Day - Free Resources



MATs Play a Significant Role in EIS


"There are still some people who say that

we're just trading one drug  for another."


Betty Wright, New Horizons Treatment, Rome




Supporting HIV+ Clients


We want to be so much more than a program that provides medication. Not only counseling and groups but HIV testing."


- Ali McCorkle













Confronting IDU in North Georgia


"Most of our patients are very open about their drug use."


- Jeanette Loudermilk





Participants at the January 2017 Rapid HIV Testing Course

Grads of the September/October 2016 Rapid HIV Testing Course

Annual Meeting, August 2016


    Grads of the February/March 2016 Rapid HIV Testing Course




Caution: This website contains HIV/AIDS-related messages that may be considered controversial by some viewers.

The HIV Early Intervention Services Program
is made possible by Federal Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant funds
set aside for the delivery of early intervention services for HIV.

HIV Early Intervention Services is a program of the Office of Addictive Diseases
Georgia DBHDD


Coordination of the Georgia HIV EIS program is provided by Imagine Hope, Inc.